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Expert capability

Discover the value of AI in your product through focused, high value, low risk experiments. Try the latest in machine learning research, on-demand. Build real capability using open source tools.

Unstructured data

Our models read and understand the kinds of data you have: text, images, time series, sequences, sensors, and more. Using our pre-trained models, you don't need millions of labeled examples to get started.

Worry-free scalability

Don't want to think about infrastructure until you've validated your solution? We deploy experiments as scalable microservices with a simple REST API interface.

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About us

We use data + computers + scientific thinking to solve problems.

The world is full of valuable problems, and we are pretty sure the best ones haven't been discovered yet. If you have a good problem, we want to help you solve it. Then we'll show your team how, so you can own that capability and build upon it.

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Rapid prototyping

If it takes you months per AI experiment, you're doing it wrong.

Artificial neural networks solve a variety of problems, sometimes better than humans can. Using the same underlying technology, we can: recognize objects in an image, understand the topic of conversation from chat logs, detect anomalies in a stream of sensor data, etc. This is very powerful!

As humans, we solve new tasks quickly by applying what we already know about the world to solve the new objective. It turns out "knowledge transfer" can be used to accelerate the training of neural networks, too. We start with a model that has already been trained to solve a general task, and then customize it for the specific task at hand.

We pre-train models to understand complex, messy, unstructured data, like images, text, and sequences. So when you want to solve a particular problem, it is much faster, and typically requires far less data than training a model from scratch. When experimentation becomes interactive, your chances to solve a problem go way up!


Learn the skills and tools you need to innovate with AI

After 100+ innovation projects, across many kinds of organizations (aerospace, insurance, government, finance, oil & gas, consumer goods, hedge funds, pharma, etc) we discovered a simple fact: innovative teams iterate quickly.

How to enable rapid + productive + fun experimentation?
1. Scientific thinking

From executives to analysts to engineers, everyone benefits from a scientific thinking process about AI technology. It is the cure to the common unproductive pattern where smart people get stuck in the complexity of technical solutions.

This workshop series gives you a framework to clearly identify, resource, and solve problems with AI technology. We use real-world case studies to illustrate common pitfalls when an organization is adopting a culture of data-driven innovation.

2. Technical skills

To experiment with data, you need to manipulate data programmatically, implement your hypothesis as a machine learning model, evaluate results, deploy, and debug it when things go awry.

Our technical workshop series shows tech staff how to wield their programming skills to solve problems with AI and machine learning. Programs are customized for your specific business domain, so attendees practice solving exactly the challenges that are valuable to you.

3. The best tools

It seems every month, there are new tools for machine learning, and the pace is accelerating. It can be difficult to cut through the noise and understand which tools are worth learning and using to build products.

In this workshop series, we teach developers how to use open source tools like Tensorflow to solve problems. Open source tools give you the flexibility to build your own capability, and engage with the community of researchers and developers around the world.

Unstructured data

Upgrade your models to read and understand unstructured data

Traditional machine learning models need input data to be structured and pre-processed before the model can use it. Unfortunately, much of the useful information in the world is unstructured, messy, and changing.

In contrast, neural networks learn by example. As humans, we also learn by example, a very natural, flexible, and powerful way to think about learning. A great variety of models can be designed, for a variety of tasks and types of data:

Unlike traditional machine learning models, our neural network models can read and understand new information directly from unstructured data. You don't need to write custom pre-processing or feature engineering pipelines. From reading free text, to recognizing objects in an image, to detecting anomalies across different types of sensor data, to understanding and translating sequences, these are powerful and flexible tools for data scientists and engineers to automate the analysis of unstructured data.

Worry-free model deployment

You don't want to maintain a bunch of complex AI model servers. Neither do we. That's why we built a scalable API framework for deploying neural network models. Deploy a model in minutes, scale to millions of requests.

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Industries & domain expertise

Our team has helped corporations, startups, and government agencies in many industries solve a huge variety of problems. We love it when tech from a different domain can solve a problem in yours!

Here's a sampling:

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The best tools and community for machine learning research

The world's engineers + developers use python for good reason. Develop high quality tools & quickly integrate with any tech stack. Ask your best engineer or data scientist what tools they love, and the answer probably includes python and the wonderful community + content that comes with it.

Design, train, and deploy machine learning models using one unified framework. Tensorflow is Google's open source library for scientific computation. We were amongst the first users outside of Google, and already it has become our go-to tool for experimenting with machine intelligence. State-of-the-art models, first-class support on all major cloud platforms, and the world's strongest community of researchers.

We expose the benefits of massive storage + computational power to any size organization. Write code on a laptop, train models using GPU-accelerated hardware, deploy a scalable + elastic microservice for each model, and access your model from anywhere via REST API interface.

Cambrio is an R&D lab focused on practical applications of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technology. We build custom solutions and help organizations develop their own capability to use AI.

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